The executive management team is led by accomplished sales and marketing executives who worked side-by-side, building the highly successful Canadian start-up of Savin Corporation, one of the fastest growing companies in America, growing from zero to USD$500M in five years.


Both individuals then went on to pursue their individual careers, Larry as Vice President, Marketing for ECM software-maker Hummingbird and Wayne, as Technology Director for CA and executive sales with TELUS and Oracle Corporation.  They reconnected to form,  an independent professional services and consulting firm, working with software and professional services vendors, accross the Globe.

Wayne Wood | Chief Revenue Officer


Wayne brings to 30 years of successful and highly diverse experience in corporate sales, marketing and public sector business development for respected Fortune 100 firms, and today holds mentoring roles in emerging technology “start-ups" and IT professionals. He is the founder and innovator of’s unique offer.


Prior to starting, Wayne worked for Xerox, Computer Associates, TELUS Canada and Oracle Corporation and a couple of ICT start-ups along the way.  His career included various senior sales, marketing and general management roles, where Wayne learned the mechanics of new business development, government vendor relations and technology delivery for retail, banking, transportation, government, utlities, and tech sectors. 


Following his accreditation as an associate of The Institute for Independent Business International (IIBI), Wayne entered into private consulting where today he provides business advisory+ coaching services to clients in Australia, Israel, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United States as well as in Canada.


Wayne is a founding partner of several technology and consulting firms including,,, and  He is a certified master mentor with, US based brand strategy firm and a volunteer coach with the Information Communications & Telecommunications Council (ICTC) a Goverment program assisting Immigrant IT Executives in Canada.

Larry Rudolf | Chief Marketing Officer


Larry brings to 30 years of highly successful international corporate experience in all facets of marketing services and development, marketing planning, product marketing, marketing and corporate communications and corporate branding, identity and design.


Prior to launching an independent marketing consulting firm, Larry was Vice President, Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs for ECM software-maker Hummingbird Ltd/Open Text. Over the course of his 14 year tenure,  Larry significantly contributed towards the firm’s market dominance and growth, helping guide the company from start-up, to world-leading ECM developer and marketer.


Preceding Hummingbird, Larry occupied several senior marketing and sales management positions, with U.S.-based printer manufacturer, QMS Inc, Italian global technology manufacturer Olivetti & Ing.S.p.A. and U.S.-based reprographics marketer, Savin Corporation ( now RICOH Corporation.)


Widely sought after for keynote and other speaking engagements across Canada and the United States, Larry is an engaging subject-matter expert. His presentations, often around the topics of entrepreneurial and start-up marketing and corporate branding and brand development, continue to inspire comapnies of all sizes. 


Having managed large scale domestic and global marketing teams, Larry is the lead partner for's Digital Marketing As-A-Service program. In this capacity, he provides business development and consulting services specifically for Canadian Federal/Provincial and U.S. Government markets, in the area of IT management consulting, application development and devops. 

Dr. Mykhailo Magal | Chief Technology Officer


Dr. Magal is the author of a recently published whitepaper on the subject of Mitigating the Risk Associated with Complex IT Projects.  He has over 20 years of experience in the planning, management and integration of sophisticated multi-business solutions with more than 10 years of experience dedicated to the delivery of complex IT systems.


Dr Magal brings to RevenuePerform clients, solution strategy formulation, big data science, business intelligence analytics, systems planning, sales and marketing technology integration, and mobile + multi-screen web services development.


Working in both on-site and remote global working environments, Dr. Magal has successfully applied the principles of his recent whitepaper working with Linux, Java and MS platforms. He is well versed in the understanding and successful delivery of complex IT project development, execution and coordinated multiple joint initiatives in fields of international trade, investment cooperation and governance, and technology transfer mechanisms in both the commercial and government sectors.  This rigor and IT project discipline is a cornerstone to how RevenuePerform mitigates the risk of our project not delivering on OUR promise.


Dr Magal holds Ph.D. and a B.Sc. in physics and mathematics, University Certificate in Computer Automation of Scientific Research. He is IT Service Management (ITIL) certified, and is a member of Project Management Institute (PMI) and International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). He is the author of a comprehensive research document on the subject of Why Complex IT Projects Fail.

Harish Chauhan | Chief Brand Officer


Harish Chauhan is an international corporate and brand strategy practitioner, educator and the author of Unconventional Business—33 insights on why the classic rules of business no longer work today.


As founder and CEO of Business by Philosophy® and the Unifying Philosophy strategy (UPh®), Chauhan brings to twenty years experience helping businesses achieve extraordinary business performance and well-being. His internationally renowned system successfully overcomes complex, chronic and systemic challenges facing companies today.


Since 1991, Harish has created, built and executed over 150 Brand Identities and established over 40 UPh Strategies for leading household brands in Canada, the United States, Bermuda, England and India.


Chauhan presents these successes at leading-edge conferences, courses and workshops worldwide and delights in mentoring youth and contributing his insights to non-profit organizations. Harish is a graduate of Carleton University, Ottawa with B.Eng. and B.ID degrees.  He is currently on assisgnment helping a major brand re-architect their entire sales training execution so they can be relevant to the changing needs of corporate buyers.  That expertise is available to you.

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