Our approach

Stage 1 - Free Marketing Grade Assessment

An organization's website is the singular most important element of business brand. It is not only the first place and may very well be the last place a prospective buyer, customer or new employee will visit.  And as such, we conduct an independent assessment of your website using a combination of human review combined with a digital scanning.  The results will reveal a 150 point grading of your site Internet presence, user experience, mobile responsiveness, SEO/Keyword scoring and much more. This information becomes a guideline for determining how the site can increase the value of the brand and generate epxected results.


We use advanced technology designed to get to the heart of your domain's current Internet presence. We start there because that's where your buyers start.  


This review is complemented by a usability experience assessment of your site's landing pages, structure, overall design, ease of navigation, logic and content availability, both ungated and gated. 


Stage 2 - Strategy + Goal Setting

If this has not yet been defined by your organization, we distribute a management level executive e-questionnaire where your team is asked to define the business strategy, its purpose and model for brand communications.  These questions generate a comprehensive report and recommendations based on independent primary and secondary research.


Stage 3 - Marketing Development Program

Our advisors orchestrate the development process and assist in the establishment of a digital blueprint that is translated into the Revenue Performance "Game Plan". The plan replaces or augments your existing business plan as a foundation for generating new growth.  We help you segment and identify usually 3-4 persona's of your target audiences. These would include decision makers, recommendation owners, key influencers and users and the procurement stakeholders. In B2B, there will be multiple stakeholders who form the selection committee and in the case of B2C, there is often two co-owners/decision makers involved in a major purchase.  


Stage 4 - Campaign + Content Development

A structured and programmatic campaign strategy is developed where we generate high value content assets to be consumed by your target buyers.  These are produced as part of an outbound campaign designed to generate demand and interest in your organization. The program produces an increased traffic to the website, new opportunities and demand generation.


Stage 5 - Monthly Retainer Services

Once the program has been operationalized and mature in performance, we shift to the continuous delivery of fresh and engaging content to increase and retain your customer revenues. We remove the burden of stale content and dormant social activities maintaining a fresh insight and value in the eyes of new prospective buyers and create customer evangelists.

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